In this log I try to keep track of my experiences with cold weather gardening. My garden is situated nearby Helsinki, Finland. This area is situated at N 60°, and thanks to the Gulf stream a “comfortable” hardy zone 5. We have snow fall from roughly November to March, and a dark winter. The high latitude is probably the main difference with other cold weather gardening around the world. I try to figure out what works, and what not, and to keep track of the developments in this blog, starting from Spring 2017.

I feel inspired by the principles of permaculture. No till, much mulch, organic, companion planting. I try to plant open pollinated seeds only, heirloom if attractive, and preferably adapted to cold climate – but I will make definitely exceptions on the latter two to grow stuff we fancy eating. Saving seeds seems to make much sense. I want to plant as much food as possible on a small plot of 50m2, especially species I cannot find in shops, that are imported from too far, or that are simply expensive.