Lam’s lettuce: an early crop salad

I love salads. And they are super easy to grow. Especially in fresh climates. There are many varieties, with different taste, colors and textures, so it is nice to alternate. I have a special preference for mâche (also known as lam’s lettuce), that exist in two varieties (Dutch, Noordhollandse veldsla, which is larger) and a more southern variety that is smaller but compacter. Both have a light nutty flavor and are soft of texture. I also appreciate the romaine varieties that are much more crunchier.

It is May 15: since a couple of days days it seems like Spring has arrived (after last week’s snow fall, humpf). I sowed some mâche in late summer. It was apparently too late for a fall harvest, even under cover. But guess what happened? They came out this Spring! And so we ate our first fresh salad this weekend. Yeah! First crop 2017. They are slightly starting to bolt already, when the temperature got suddenly too high in the hoop tunnel.  I will definitely sow more seeds in the ground next fall under the hoop tunnel for an early crop.

In this picture Dutch mâche on the left, and some peas on the right.

Other salads are also growing nicely. For example the Deer Tongue which I find very pretty. They look huge, but they aren’t yet 😛

We eat our salads by preference with a simple vinaigrette (1tbs vinagre, salt, 3 tbs olive oil) with or without minced shallot.


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