I am growing this year a winter squash type of Kabocha (Black forest), a Styrian Hulless and a Turkish Turban Squash. I am especially excited about the kabocha – my Japanese neighbor thinks they are the best, and I promised to try to grow them for her. The are of the same “potimarron” type we were used to eat in France.

Two Kabocha plants are growing steadily since a month, and now already about 50 cm. Both have a tiny female flower, and several males. They would need about 100 days to grow.  I start wondering what to do with them, with the exceptional low outside Spring temperatures this year in an already challenging climate …. They might grow too big to transplant out as some point. Shall I will transplant one in a huge pot (type: fabric smart pot?) and keep it inside, having it climb on the stairs :))

About the other two varieties I am less excited, mainly because the taste has been reported as bland. I got the seeds as a gift, and will try one at least one plant of each. The Styrian Hulless is supposedly good for growing your own stock of pepitas. The flesh might be acceptable, though not excellent. The Turkish Turban squash is an amazing looking heirloom squash. Not everyone reports positively about its taste, which tempers my enthusiasm a bit, but through selection improvements in quality have been made I read. I will report on that in half a year if I succeed.


A kabocha squash of about 1 month old, among tomato seedlings on my windowsill.

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