Peas – garden peas and sweet peas

Mid-April I transplanted some seedling peas in the newly repaired hoop tunnel. I made a few cross openings in the plastic sheet to put in 6 seedling peas, as a test – would they survive at minus 4° — 5° C (38° F) during the night in the tunnel? I hesitated to drape over them some fabric, but I decided not to, because it this white fabric would slow down the warming up of the soil. And besides it is a hassle. The seedlings were grown inside, since the beginning of March, large and healthy, and had been hardened off during a week. I had them placed in toilet rolls, so now it was easy transplanting – I fold open the bottom, I tore a rim of the upper side as I was afraid that water would stagnate there in the future. The ground was already warmed up a bit and loose. On the top layer, I worked in some lombri-compost that was lingering on our balcony during winter from last season (not knowing where to leave the worms inside during winter, they all died). Putting the seedlings in the ground through the holes I made in the garbage-bag-sheet was quite a hassle, because it is too light to stay in place, but it can be done.

At the same time I put some garden pea and sweet pea seeds in the ground. How will they do in comparison with inside grown peas? Will they grow more steady, more sturdy? Is it worth the hassle of growing them inside?

April 29: A week later: all transplanted peas died. We had some nasty snowy weather for Eastern :/ Obviously, from the sown peas no trace yet.

May 1: I transplanted into the hooptunnel some new pea plants that were grown from seed in toilet-rolls on my balcony.

May 7: I see some growth of the sweet peas :). I also put in some more seeds of the garden peas in, as I suspect that the ones from mid-April do not seem to do anything (yet?).

As a side note: weather is exceptionally bad in May this year in south-Finland. We have had snow and hail on a regular basis, with temperatures around 2 to 5 °C (max. 40°F), and freezing 2° to 3°C (about 25°F) at night.




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