Mud season

Spring is mud season here in Finland. Now the snow has melted, leaving the earth with a heavy amount of water is quite informative about the drainage capacities of your terrain. Having this plot only since last summer, I have never seen the terrain uncovered, that is without tall weeds, or snow. For the first time I see the earth as it is. Only now I see how my predecessor organized his garden in blocks and lanes. Only now I realize that by modifying the organization of the plot, I have created a valley in the middle that accumulates water. Drainage is apparently a weak link, because it is has became very muddy on certain low spots.

I would have to think about a solution to evacuate the excess water, because plants will be smothered in this area. I have seen that one of the neighbors has excavated some canals around his patches, elevating the patch and leading water around it. I will have to study the possibilities. Maybe a small pond in the middle is a solution and fun at the same time (for the birds, for the big toad I haven’t seen anymore since autumn, but who will hopefully be still alive, and also for my kid who loves to play with water). However, a pond sounds complicated – how to keep it healthy, how to avoid masses of mosquitoes?)



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