How many plants to feed a family?

Starting a vegetable garden can be tricky if it comes to numbers. For a salad it is not difficult to imagine how much you can or want to eat, because you are familiar with the unity. But how many zucchini plants do you need for 50 zucchinis in the kitchen? How many peas stakes should you plant for a meal once a week for a family of four? Many things you learn by experience. But if you are like me and want to sort things out before having gained the experience, this direction might give some grip.

This list is not about being self-sufficient, but my idea of a good basis of fresh supply of our favorite veggies and fruits that we can grow here in southern Finland. Compare for yourself with your localization and preferences in mind.

The list is heavily indebted to  gardenknowhow, but adapted to a more European diet, because what Frenchman eats for 15 plants of corn a person a year?! On the other hand I think the original is somewhat light on tomatoes, salads, beets, carro


ts and radishes. A good way to inventory your needs is to keep track of what you actually eat right now. You can always grow more if you have the place. In the end, if you have grown too much you always can try to exchange for vegetables you have not grown enough. But also consider that growing more, needs more time to attend to them.

Vegetable Amount Per Person

Asparagus 5-10 plants
Beans 10-15 plants
Beets 20-35 plants
Broccoli 5-7 plants
Cabbage 2 plants (more if you make your own sauerkraut)
Carrots 30-40 plants (more if you want to store them)
Cauliflower 5-7 plants
Celery 3 plants
Celery root 3-5 plants
Chinese cabbage 3 plants (more for kimchi fans)
Cucumber 1 – 2 plants
Eggplant 1-3 plants
Fava beans 5-8 plants
Garlic 20-30 toes
Kale 2-5 plants
Kohlrabi 5 plants
Leafy Greens 10-15 plants (less for the pick and come again strategy)
Leeks 15-20 plants
Lettuce, Head 8-12 plants
Mâche 20-30 plants
Melon 1-3 plants
Onion 10-15 plants
Peas 15-20 plants
Peppers, Bell 3-5 plants
Potato 5-10 plants
Radishes 25-35 plants
Squash, Hard 1-2 plants
Squash, Summer 1 plants (other than zucchini)
Tomatoes 4-5 plants

Turnips 15-20 plants (if you eat them only young like us, more for storage)
Zucchini 1 plant

Raspberry 1-2 plants
Blackberry 2 plants
Strawberry 10-15 plants

Read more at Gardening Know How: Vegetable Garden Size For Family


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