Hoop tunnel

This weekend I repaired my hoop-tunnel that collapsed during this winter’s snowfall. I did not looked after it. Not easy to be motivated to plough through the snow by feet to this plot at -12 C for about 1,5 km with a broom to get the snow of the tunnel. After the first heavy snowfall damage in November (!) I gave up. Next winter, maybe (and only maybe) I will wipe off the snow. regularly. So the hoop tunnel was of little use this autumn and winter, but I am hopeful that it is useful to advance Spring season. Especially now it is snowing again since today (humpf: it is April 13 !).

I found some good instruction on the web about how to make a low tunnel, here, so there is no need to repeat the instruction here. This winter I will improve the structure by adding diagonal ropes and horizontal connections to make it more sturdy, and place a broom ready for use next to it. I will need to ind a better solution for weighing down the plastic on the sides.

I  pushed the straw mulch cover aside (not yet when I took the photo), then I laid down a layer of plastic black garbage bags, so that the earth will warm up, but hopefully not waken up the weeds.



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